Sunday, December 28

We're Engaged!!

Yes, if you haven't heard, Summer and I became engaged this past Saturday night here in Tulsa! The wedding is set for Friday, August 7, 2009 and will be here in Tulsa. We are SUPER excited! :)

Monday, December 22

Guitar Hero + Metallica


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Friday, December 19

U2 + "I Believe In Father Christmas"

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iPhone App :: AroundMe

If you have an iPhone, you need this app!

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The Voices of Wall-E

"The lonely robo-boy of Andrew Stanton's fabulous fantasy doesn't say much ("WALL-E," "Eva," "Ta-DA!"), but there's a future-world of humor and emotion in each syllable. Those intonations, and nearly every other sound in the movie — the machines, the weapons, the whole aural environment — are the amazing achievement of Ben Burtt, who for 28 years soundscaped George Lucas films (the light saber in Star Wars, the whipcrack in Raiders of the Lost Ark) before coming to Pixar. WALL-E's voice is Burtt's own, which he stretched, distorted and metallicized on his computer keyboard; he also voiced Mo, the neat-freak droid on the spaceship WALL-E and EVE visit. Hal the cockroach, WALL-E's sole companion on Earth, gets his chirps from "a raccoon, speeded up," and his clicks from the rattling of a cop's handcuffs. (The liquid loveliness of EVE's voice comes from Pixar staffer Elissa Knight.) All these could have been purely computer-generated, but, says Burtt, "The problem with real synthetic voices is that they lack character. You don't get the sense of a soul behind the voice." You do get that with WALL-E, which makes Burtt the Soul Man of 2008."

MadTV No Frills Airlines

Western Spaghetti

Long live stop motion!

Top 10 Commercials of 2008

In case you missed the Top 10 of Everything in 2008 post, check out these TV ad highlights from this year...

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Burger King + Cologne???

What the?!...

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Wednesday, December 17

New U2 Album News

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Coconut Records + Davy

Coconut Records is releasing a second album entitled Davy in January 2009. I AM SO STOKED!!! Jason Schwartzmann's first album, Nighttiming, is absolutely phenomenal start to finish and all of ya'll readers need to listen to it.

Get a free MP3 from the new album here.

Tuesday, December 16

X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer

Dang, how rad does this look?!

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Monday, December 15

Redneck Tank Top

This was WAY too good to keep to myself! Look closely at what this tank top is made out of...

Tuesday, December 9

The Top 10 Everything Of 2008

There are TONS of great Top 10 lists here so check 'em out! Scroll down a bit and look at the right side of the page for all the lists.

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Duck Fart Logo

Sunday, December 7

Decorating With A Sharpie

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Saturday, December 6

"Guitarist sues over 2008 Coldplay hit"

LOS ANGELES - A noted guitarist has sued members of Coldplay, claiming the band's smash hit "Viva La Vida" copied parts of one of his songs.

The copyright infringement lawsuit by Joe Satriani was filed Thursday in federal court in Los Angeles.

The 52-year-old claims Coldplay copied "substantial, original portions" of his 2004 song, "If I Could Fly." The Coldplay hit, which was nominated for a Grammy this week, has topped charts around the world and been used to sell iPods in commercials.

Representatives for the band and their label, Capitol Records, did not return calls seeking comment on Friday.

Satriani wants a federal judge to order an accounting so he can determine how much money he may be owed, or else stop using the song.

The Associated Press