Thursday, August 6

Engagement Photoshoot

In honor of the big day tomorrow, in case you haven't seen them, you can check out our engagement photoshoot pictures below. You should be able to view the ones on Facebook that are our favorites. To see all 96 of them, click the second link.


Facebook link

Encre Photography (click on Portfolio, then Jesse & Summer)

Tuesday, August 4

Smart Cars of the Future

This is hilarious...

Click here

Burst The Bubble

Incredible pictures of a bubble being popped...

Witness it here

Murdered Out Cars

I first heard the term "murdered out" referring to cars on Rob & Big. It refers to a matte black finish, which is pretty tight. Check out all these cars that proudly display that they're murdered out.

Click here

Goodbye, Paula Abdul.

I don't watch American Idol anymore, but when I did, I wanted nothing more than to lose Paula Abdul off the show. When they threw the other lady judge on there, I wished so desperately that it was the beginning of the end of Paula. Looks like it was?! Time will tell...

Check it

Monday, August 3

Darth Vader Meets MC Hammer


Thanks to Matt Shuttlesworth for tipping me off to these. I haven't made my order, but I'm still in the debating phase...

Check 'em and weep

Ninja Assassin trailer

Hopefully the Wachowski Bros deliver with this one...

Watch the trailer here

Sunday, August 2

New Athlete Album

Dropping August 24...

Read more here

Now HERE's an interesting idea! A better one? Don't drink the gallon gulp at the theater so you can't hold it for a mere 2 hours. :) Just teasin'.

Read about it here

The 6 Types of Facebook Pics

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Saturday, August 1

Weddin' Time!!

To any and all devoted followers...

Sorry for the lack of content these past few weeks, but hey... I'm getting married in 6 days! It's been a crazy busy time. BUT. I do have some fresh content that I'll schedule today to be posted the next couple of days. Enjoy them, and until late August, when I return as a married man, cheers!