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Amazing Typography Designs

You don't wanna miss these... CLICK IT

James Cameron's "Avatar" + Technology

An interesting read on the new uses of 3D technology in the upcoming movie, Avatar.


Wes Anderson's latest, "Fantastic Mr. Fox"

Wes Anderson, one of my favorite directors, is changing his style up with this new stop-motion animated film. Watch the featurette for some cool behind-the-scenes! The time it takes to make a movie like this always amazes me.


Monday, September 7

"Inception" Trailer

What. The. HECK!

Imogen Heap + Ellipse

Once I read in the first part of this RELEVANT magazine article that Imogen Heap had recorded and mixed her new album herself in Apple's GarageBand, I was super intrigued. Then my friend Marc sent me a link to her performance last week on Letterman and I was pretty impressed! Can't wait to hear the whole album.

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. video

Sunday, September 6

Best of Google Street View

Some funny pics in here...


Burglars Exploiting Facebook / Twitter

I've heard about this, but never read anything until now... Crazy!


Seeing Movies at Theater Vs. Home


Saturday, September 5


So I've never seen 1 episode of this show until last week. Not one! I barely even watched any at all because I didn't get in on it at the beginning, and I wanted to start from the beginning... Whenever I actually did. So 4-5 years and 5 seasons later, I finally started. Life was so crazy before the wedding and after finding out Summer was also interested in checking it out, we determined we'd start in August. So we started last Monday........ And we've already watched 38 episodes!! That's about 1.5 seasons and we've been loving it (except Michelle Rodriquez [insert vomiting noise here]). How have we been able to knock out that many episodes without a load of runs to Blockbuster or borrowing from friends? The answer: free HD streaming on Uh huh. EVERY episode since the beginning. There's a couple minutes of commercials throughout, but otherwise, it's flawless. In case you haven't started your own LOST fanaticism, I highly recommend you click the link below.


Apple Tablet Concepts

In case you haven't heard the big rumored news, Apple is planning to release a tablet computer of some sorts by the end of the year. It will probably have a 10" screen or such and will look like a giant iPhone. Here are come sweet concepts drawn up by people. Apple is a game-changing company, so I know that this thing is going to rock the faces of everyone who lays eyes on it when it is released!


Monster List of Upcoming Movie Releases

CLICK HERE to be in the know.

The Boy Is Back In Town

Yes ladies and gents, I'm back in action. Stockpiled with links and ready to fill this blog up once again. The wedding was incredible - my bride was mindblowingly gorgeous and it was just a fantastic night all around! The honeymoon in Daytona Beach was a lot of fun as we didn't have a schedule and just slept in, hung out, watched movies, hit the ocean, and such. We rented a scooter one day and cruised around Daytona, which included seeing the Daytona Speedway, which was cool. It was huge! We hit a minor snag with our camera case being stolen off a transit bus - one that contained our camera, my credit card, about $90 cash, and both of our driver's licenses - but we got things figured out and went back to enjoying ourselves. An unforgettable memory was made! :) We both had to get new driver's licenses anyway once we move to OK and we didn't really lose that much media on the camera (thank you, iPhones).

CLICK HERE to see part of the wedding pics. We haven't gotten the CD from our photographers just yet, but I'm sure we'll be posting a bunch on when we do get them.

Now on to bloggin'!