Saturday, September 5


So I've never seen 1 episode of this show until last week. Not one! I barely even watched any at all because I didn't get in on it at the beginning, and I wanted to start from the beginning... Whenever I actually did. So 4-5 years and 5 seasons later, I finally started. Life was so crazy before the wedding and after finding out Summer was also interested in checking it out, we determined we'd start in August. So we started last Monday........ And we've already watched 38 episodes!! That's about 1.5 seasons and we've been loving it (except Michelle Rodriquez [insert vomiting noise here]). How have we been able to knock out that many episodes without a load of runs to Blockbuster or borrowing from friends? The answer: free HD streaming on Uh huh. EVERY episode since the beginning. There's a couple minutes of commercials throughout, but otherwise, it's flawless. In case you haven't started your own LOST fanaticism, I highly recommend you click the link below.


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