Saturday, September 5

The Boy Is Back In Town

Yes ladies and gents, I'm back in action. Stockpiled with links and ready to fill this blog up once again. The wedding was incredible - my bride was mindblowingly gorgeous and it was just a fantastic night all around! The honeymoon in Daytona Beach was a lot of fun as we didn't have a schedule and just slept in, hung out, watched movies, hit the ocean, and such. We rented a scooter one day and cruised around Daytona, which included seeing the Daytona Speedway, which was cool. It was huge! We hit a minor snag with our camera case being stolen off a transit bus - one that contained our camera, my credit card, about $90 cash, and both of our driver's licenses - but we got things figured out and went back to enjoying ourselves. An unforgettable memory was made! :) We both had to get new driver's licenses anyway once we move to OK and we didn't really lose that much media on the camera (thank you, iPhones).

CLICK HERE to see part of the wedding pics. We haven't gotten the CD from our photographers just yet, but I'm sure we'll be posting a bunch on when we do get them.

Now on to bloggin'!

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