Monday, February 23

Top 10 Conan Moments

Check it...

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Thursday, February 19

World's Largest Music Store Closing

Read all about it...

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Thursday, February 12

15 Clever Logos

Mmm, I love me some tasty logo work. Had anyone seen the hidden thing in FedEx before??

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U2 + Letterman + 5 Performances!!!

Whooooooo doggies! The whole week of March 2-6!

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Joaquin Phoenix + Letterman

UN. BE. LIEVABLE. I was so uncomfortable watching this. It is so weird and awkward! I don't know what the heck is up with Joaquin, but he certainly has greatly disappointed me. He's a phenomenal actor and to throw it all away for a hip hop career seems like a waste. If you can catch it somewhere online, try to watch the full interview. I grabbed it off YouTube before that video got run off by CBS and boy is it crazy. I guess he's on something? I was kinda waiting for him to take a swing at Dave (or more likely, Paul) or just walk off or something. Dang. What a loss.

Saturday, February 7

Christian Pick-Up Lines

These are hilarious. Read them!

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Fireman (Paul McCartney)

Apparently Paul McCartney has a side project called Fireman. I haven't heard much, but it's supposed to be more experimental. Here's a link to one of the albums...

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Professional Lip-Synching

Hmm. I was surprised and a bit disappointed to read this. I understand the setup at the Super Bowl has to be quick, but I expect to see some talent being shown off and not just entertainment.

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Incredible Photoshop animation

Whoa, rad!!

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