Monday, January 26

Honda "Failure" short

Friday, January 23

Steve Ballmer = Idiot Spaz

Wow. This is the "other" Steve - CEO of Microsoft. Jobs vs. Ballmer? Um. Jobs, please.

The Bird & The Bee on Leno

Monday. January 26. 10:30 PM CST. Be there.

Wednesday, January 21

Branding Apples With Um... Apple

I want some of these. I'm sure with the iPod and Apple logo on them that they even taste better. Sign me up!

Click here

Thursday, January 15

Mute Math on Leno tonight!


Wednesday, January 14

Bert Perks

Haha. Thanks, Amy S!

White Lies + E.S.T.

Tasty jam... Thanks, Ben!

Blockbuster's Instant Access

'Bout time they got with the program. I wonder (and pretty much doubt at the present moment) if they can over take Netflix in the Instant Viewing business. Time will tell...

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Tuesday, January 13

The Bird and the Bee + New Album

Coming January 27... Hecks yeah! I can't wait for this. If you haven't heard them, you deserve to. Check out Polite Dance Song, Birthday, and Man. Then tell me it's not infectious and that you're now excited for this album.

iTunes link

Monday, January 12

14,528 Texts In 1 Month

Yippie yikes!!

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Saturday, January 10

Wanna Get Away?

Thanks, Jared!