Thursday, July 31

New Keane album

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I'm excited for this! Having Jon Brion involved should be interesting to hear. I like their new logo / look, too.

Next Batman speculations

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Depp's the only one who can pull off something close to Heath, I'd say. Although I never woulda guessed Heath would deliver a performance to beat all others. But anywho, this sounds like it should be interesting. Having PSH in it would be cool. Angelina? Ehh. Might be too mainstreamy then. I trust Nolan's judgment explicity, though, and whatever the next Batman installment holds, it's going to be freaking amazing!!

Concerts, Concerts, and Concerts... Oh My!

One of my good friends, Keith, is like Mr. Music. The guy has a musical knowledge that stretches into the vast expanses of musical knowledge. He's a mainstream snob (not to sound like I'm putting him down), but as far as most other stuff goes, especially indie and 90's alternative, he's definitely a go-to guy. I never really used to be into concerts too much, but a couple years ago as I was diving heavily into music of all kinds, Keith got me hooked on them.

I know it's just a phase right now how many I go to, but I've taken advantage of the opportunity and gone to quite a few in the past year and a half. Because I go to so many, I started keeping track of each show's details (date, openers, price, place, attenders, and memorables) so that I can remember all the fun experiences. Since I have all my concerts listed in iCal, I was able to search back even to my first major secular concert. Man, was that a show! It was in June '02 and the band was Doves.

So anywho, here's my list of 2007 and 2008 concerts. Have you seen any of these bands or have any good recommendations? Do tell.


Chris Tomlin
Remedy Drive (2x)
The Apples in Stereo
Mute Math (2x) (you HAVE to see them live)
Snow Patrol + OK Go + Silversun Pickups
Relient K + Mae + Sherwood
Built to Spill
Copeland + The Rentals
Ghostland Observatory (Monolith festival)
A Verse Unsung (Monolith festival)
Kings of Leon (Monolith festival)
The Flaming Lips (Monolith festival)
Spoon (Monolith festival)
Cake (Monolith festival)
The Decemberists (Monolith festival)
Of Montreal + MGMT
Eisley (2x)
Blue Man Group + Mike Relm (sweet video DJ)
Rooney + The Redwalls + The Polyphonic Spree
Northern Room + Company of Thieves
Switchfoot + Relient K + Ruth


Angels & Airwaves + Meg & Dia + The Color Fred
Fever Marlene (2x) + The Redwalls
Northern Room (3x)
Explosions in the Sky
Ghostland Observatory (wow, this was AMAZING!)
Eisley + The Myriad + Vedera
The Swell Season
Flight of the Conchords
Life in Stereo (2x)
Choir of the Broken
Earth, Wind, & Fire


Foo Fighters (not sure yet)
My Morning Jacket
Of Montreal
Jason Mraz (back-to-back nights, yo)

Wednesday, July 30

Some Entertaining JPEGs

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Not sure if I would wear this, but it's hilarious nonetheless...

The difference between men and women...

One sweet Dark Knight promo pic...

Daft Punk's outfits - so tasty...

Hilarious Star Wars clips


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