Saturday, May 30

"9" Trailer

Check out the latest animated film produced by Tim Burton...

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New E*Trade Baby commercial!

These are unbelievably funny! I've included my other 2 favorites below, but here's a new one that just released for a financial education special something or other that aired last night called Unbroke.

12 Famous Stories about Band Name Origins

I always find these interesting. I haven't read through it all yet, but band names always intrigue me. Sometimes when I hear of a new band's name, I'm like. Pssshh. Lame. But then I think about a lot of the bands I like and if they weren't popular, I don't know if I'd like them either!

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Friday, May 29

Mute Math Recording Interview

I haven't actually read this yet, but I knew it needed to be passed on. It's an interview with Paul Meany about the recording of the new album. I was surprised as I skimmed through it to see the couple cuss words he uses...

Read it here

Whatever Works

I haven't seen tons of Woody Allen movies, but I know he makes some incredible ones (whoop holla for Annie Hall, anyone?). He just has this awesome, quirky little knack that always makes me laugh and be right there with him. Larry David stars in his latest, but it's a character that he (Woody) would generally play.

Watch the trailer here

Bing browser

Wince. I know. I'm blogging about something Microsoft is doing. That I'm actually intrigued about. Hopefully that's not a sign that this blog is going down the porta potty. Anyways. This takes the web browser to another level of usability and functionality. Check it out...

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Toy Story 3 Trailer!!

First things first, go watch this. It's just a teaser, but it's a foretelling of extreme movie goodness to follow! With UP's current 98% rating as according to RottenTomatoes, I know Pixar hasn't lost their flame (is that even possible?), and I know a sequel like this will get every bit of attention it deserves.


Saturday, May 23

Queen + Adam Lambert?

This is an interesting read. I haven't watched American Idol this season at all but have heard plenty about Adam Lambert. Apparently he got to perform with Queen during the finale and Brian May is a fan of his! I had no idea they had split ways with Paul Rodgers.

Read it here

Wednesday, May 13

WWDC + Phil Schiller


Read it and weep.

iPhone App :: Credit Card Terminal

I saw this on one of the recent iPhone commercials and I had to do a double take - how sweet is this?! What it does is allow you to charge someone via credit card... Right there on your iPhone. Too cool. I don't know how all the rates work and if they're as competitive as your plain jane credit card terminal, but it's certainly worth looking into. It seems like a lot of bands these days have iPhones and this is an easy way to sell merch.

iTunes link

World's Worst, Yet Hilarious, Commercial

This blew my mind. In a not-so way. Enjoy!

More New Mac vs. PC Ads

Check out Customer Care, Elimination (I love this one), and PC Choice Chat here.

Monday, May 11

Thursday, May 7

14 Items All Design Geeks Must Have

These are awesome! I want the polaroid mirror. It took me a second to figure out exactly what it was cos the camera threw me off, but wow. I'll have that.

See 'em here

Radiohead "15 Step" Drum Groove

Mr. T + Treat Your Mother Right

Just in time for Mother's Day! :)

New Pete Yorn Album

Pete is one of those artists that I remember there being quite a bit of fanfare about when his first album dropped, and I was a part of that. But then he just kinda fell off for me. I've never liked him live when I've seen clips or late night appearances and the music just wasn't as good as the first album. I haven't listened to him in quite a long time but I saw that he's got a new one coming out and the preview sounded alright. He changed up his writing process so maybe that will juice him back up into my list of listening. Back and Fourth drops June 16.

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