Monday, June 14

And... I'm Back!

Let's keep this short and sweet. No apology. No lamenting about killa stuff that didn't get posted. No over-ambitious promise of future content that will blow your mind and get posted on an insanely regular basis.

I got married. I moved. I started a new job. The holidays rolled around. Work got busy. Such on and such forth. That's why I haven't posted since September. So get off my back.

I've been tweeting / retweeting interesting stuff since ditching Watch. Listen. Share. so if you follow me on Twitter, you probably haven't missed me too much on here. I do find myself wanting to post more content, detail, or opinion though, so that's the reason for the blog.

To those who are new here: welcome! To those who aren't: welcome back! Feel free to browse the categories and previous posts in the sidebar to the right. And, should you like what see, you can subscribe via email at the top of the sidebar. It's painless and when I post, it'll send an email at the end of the day with all the posts right there in your mailbox. Cheers!

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