Monday, August 16

Live From Daryl's House

Oh, how I wish I would have known about the incredibleness of Hall & Oates sooner in my life! I knew OF them, but only had one song in my iTunes for several years: Jingle Bell Rock. Then when the (500) Days of Summer trailer dropped and I heard "You Make My Dreams", I had to look it up and find out who it was. (It ended up being our recessional song in our wedding, by the way)

But there were far more gems than I was enlightened to know about until this past February, when I finally gained a real appreciation for 80's music as a whole. All it took was a roadtrip to Dallas and a top notch playlist to convince me I had been missing out on some incredible music, especially from Hall & Oates.

If I may, I'll go on a rabbit trail off this rabbit trail I'm already on... If you haven't been introduced to the absolutely outstanding Hall & Oates tribute album made by The Bird and the Bee, stop reading, buy it, and start playing it as you finish reading this. Get it on iTunes here.

Okay, back on track to the real topic of this post - Live From Daryl's House. Daryl Hall has a website to share videos of studio jam sessions he's had with popular names like Chromeo, Smokey Robinson, Plain White T's, and KT Tunstall. In the couple I've seen, they play some H&O tunes as well as some of the guest's tunes and there are video snippets of conversations of that day sprinkled throughout. It's really pretty cool and looks like a blast. Click below to go directly to the Past Shows page and check one out!

Live From Daryl's House

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