Wednesday, August 11

My iPhone 4

After a month of using the iPhone 4, I've gotta say... this thing is pretty freaking awesome, even over the 3G S. Everything Apple said about it, especially being the biggest jump since the original iPhone, was true. It's always amazing for me to see how they pitch a product and tell you what you'll like / think about it and then that's exactly what I'm saying once I start using it. I was stoked out of my mind when I found out my eligibility had magically changed on release day, and then heard that Apple would have stock the next morning. I got to the mall about 6:30 AM and was gone by 8:15 AM, including a little AT&T account lookup hiccup. I went from saying that I was going to wait till next year to upgrade to having one the day after release and I am so glad I have one.

It's tough to determine what I love most about it. Honestly, one of the biggest things is the battery life, which is interesting cos they weren't touting it as a huge boost and it didn't sound like it would be that big of a jump from the 3G S. It took only a couple days for me to find out otherwise. It easily lasts a whole day with no trouble whatsoever, and I run it through the gauntlet every day. I get the feeling that they're stacking the deck in their favor when they talk about battery life estimates nowadays. I noticed it when they released the iPad and Walt Mossberg came back after using it and said it was actually better than they advertised. That's a different response than in years past where there was talk of "Is that 'real hours' or 'Apple hours'" because it wasn't always as great of battery life as they said it was. If they're purposefully doing it now, it's brilliant because no one can complain about it! It handles the extra drains of iOS 4 and multitasking extremely well.

I never realized the pixelation on the old screens and now it's hard to look at an older one that doesn't have the Retina display - it's really gorgeous. The cameras are awesome, though I don't find myself using the front-facing as much as I thought I would, maybe because I've gotten spoiled on the 5 MP camera on the back. The form factor is incredible and I can't bring myself to case this thing. Get insurance or a warranty and let it ride, I say. Also, I'm pretty impressed with the noise-cancelling mic on the top. I tested it out in a loud environment and my bro-in-law on the other end of the call couldn't even tell.

I couldn't do what I do in a week, especially at work, without an iPhone, plain and simple, and this update of iPhone especially has greatly improved my love for it!

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